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"I am not the best, but I strive to be my best every day. I am a perpetual student of the game."

what we offer

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Online technique learning videos

Student of the Sport is a place where coaches, parents, and athletes can come learn new technique/drills within their sport. We understand that not every parent can teach their kid the fundamentals, but now with Student of the Sport you can learn together. There will be at least 1 new video posted every month.

Private lessons opportunities

Student of the Sport has many coaches that are willing to share their knowledge, experiences, time and energy. There is limited time slots, so make sure to be the first to take advantage.

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Excel Spreadsheets

Student of the Sport will provide excel spreadsheets that are designed to help coaches and parents to keep track of stats. Statistics are important because they can show what areas an athlete may need to work on most.

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As we all know, what we consume plays a huge role in athletics and our daily life. This is why Student of the Sport wants to educate people on nutrition as well as provide recipes. We will provide at least one new recipe every month.

We want to help you reach the top

What it means to be a student of the sport is you are consistently studying to better your craft.

“Growing up my dad always made me watch wrestling videos. The videos were either technical or my favorite wrestlers competing. I soon noticed a difference in my wrestling and realized how important it is to watch high level athletes.  Watching wrestling became a routine for me when I was sick, injured, if I didn’t have practice, and the night before competing. Studying wrestling became a huge role in my success and I will always preach being a student of the sport. I wished Student of The Sport was around when I was younger.” – Hunter Willits

It is time to take ownership of your career.  Become a student of the sport today. 

Life Upgrading blogs

Every month their will be a new life upgrading blog. This is free and gives you the opportunity to learn something new that can help you live a healthier life. 

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